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Friday, January 21, 2011

Get Him to the Greek (2010, USA)

Get Him to the Greek is both too long and too short. Fifteen minutes shy of two hours, the comedy overstays its welcome and its thin premise, but what’s more bothersome is that it does so while simultaneously leaving out elements that would make the emotional notes hit harder – we never see Aldous Snow with his son before the midway point; we hear only one of his songs before the grand finale concert, meaning that there is no resonance with hearing them at that point; we never understand why Aaron and Daphne should stay together, since in their only shared scenes, she’s nothing but a bitch to him.

That said – all hail the hilarious Sean Combs. Showing the same comic touch (and surprising sense of humor about himself) he displayed 10 years ago in Made, Diddy is actually my favorite thing about Greek, easily stealing scenes from Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. Every time he shows up, the movie gets a shot of adrenaline in the shoulder.


Blogger Stacey Earley said...

You know, that's EXACTLY what I said after seeing this movie--it's not that great, but Diddy needs to quit his day job and start acting. he was terrific, especially since I imagine much of his dialog was improvised.

You and I have so much in common. Sigh.

8:52 AM


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